We are starting to explore a new book, The Courage To Be Disliked, by authors Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga.  The tagline for the book is “The Japanese Phenomenon That Shows You How To Change Your Life And Achieve Real Happiness.”  This title totally intrigued me.  How many of us really have courage to be disliked?  How many of us just want to conform to make it safe?  And focusing on being liked, does it make us happy?  I had to look at myself with these questions, as they surfaced immediately just reading the title.

Now I am thinking the courage to be disliked is really looking at ourselves inside, and having the courage to make changes to what we dislike in our lives and the way we think, looking inside and changing to make ourselves happy.  The book asks the question, “Is happiness something you choose for yourself?”  The back cover says, “It offers readers a deeply liberating way of thinking, allowing you to develop the courage to change and ignore the limitations that you might be placing on yourself.?

This book engages you from the beginning as it is written as a conversation between a wise philosopher and a challenging youth. You feel as if you are listening to them debate philosophies and ways of looking at the world, and their conversations open you to new learning and ways to face yourself.

I am finding that it is giving me much to ponder and add to my journaling.  The philosopher says, “The world is simple, and life is simple too.”  He also says everyone can change and everyone can be truly happy.  That is part of my quest and I am open to explore myself to gain the simple view and happiness.

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