Do you ever feel like you are out of balance or totally blocked, or totally disconnected from inner guidance or a higher power?   I am sure that everyone feels that way at some point.  In Chapters Seven and Eight of the book The Secret Language of the Heart, the author Barry Goldstein explains about the subtle energy centers of the body and how they become blocked, so energy doesn’t flow, and how to use sound and vibration to open and clear them and enable you to expand your consciousness and connect.

We all have subtle energy centers that are part of a system that interprets the emotional aspects of our relationships and situations and communicates to our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.

These seven main energy centers, sometimes called chakras, are referred to as the root (base of spine), sacral (lower abdomen), solar plexus (upper abdomen), heart, throat, third eye (middle of the forehead), and crown (top of the head).  These are all associated with different glands and when these centers become blocked through dramas, traumas or upsets, we can develop emotional or physical blocks.  These blocks can be identified by “breathing” through the center and feeling a tightness, a physical sensation, or even the development of dis-ease in the organs around the centers.  Barry Goldstein, as well as science, has found that these can be cleared and re-energized by using tones, frequencies, and vibrations.  This is accomplished with the use of tuning forks or crystal or metal singing bowls, the breath, toning, intention spoken out loud, songs and music.

What is truly amazing is that when these centers are open and clear, our energy flows.  We experience more focus, more harmony, more joy, more balance, more intuition, and greater communication.  And, as a bonus, this clear energy flow expands out from us and impacts everything around us, just like the ripples on a still pond when a pebble is dropped in the water.

Barry Goldstein also shares that with the use of chanting, seed syllables such as Om or Aum, mantras, prayer, and drumming, we can expand our consciousness and create greater conscious connection.  The key, though, is these must be sung or spoken verbally with a sound or by creating sound with the sound tools to have impact and create the transformations.  It is truly about the sound, the vibration, and the frequencies.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by PixiMe01 from Pixabay