Are you a genius? According to Dr. John Demartini, the author of the book, The Gratitude Effect, every one of us is a genius.  We just have to discover our own genius.  The third chapter of the book is entitled “How to Become a Genius” and I found it fascinating, it all made sense, and better yet, he invites us to learn how to discover it.

First, let’s look at the definition of genius.  The definition of genius from Oxford Languages is first, “exceptional intellectual or creative power or other natural ability”, and second, “a person who is exceptionally intelligent or creative, either generally or in some particular respect.”  Aren’t each of us exceptional in our unique way?  Aren’t we each gifted with our own natural and creative abilities?  We have all been born with our own uniqueness, with gifts and abilities that are uniquely ours.  There is no one quite like you or me or anyone else.  We each have our own interests, values, goals and visions – something we can explore, expand, and offer to share with the world.  No interest or goal is too large or too small.  In fact, our very own are just right for each of us.  The author shares we just have to discover them, nurture them, and share them.  It makes us a genius in our own right.

It starts by embracing the wholeness of who we are, both the good and the bad.  It starts with learning about ourselves, what inspires us and lights us up and what doesn’t interest us.  And if it doesn’t interest us, but we have to do it, how can we find the lesson or gift in it that adds to what we do like.  It is all good.  It starts with gratitude of seeing ourselves as perfect just the way we are, and that the world has a lot to offer in every experience. Gratitude for everything opens the door to greatness, to genius.

So open to your genius.  Explore it, expand it, embrace it!  Love yourself and give gratitude to your life and potential.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by John Hain from Pixabay