I really like The question that he asked in relation to reading “how does reading this specific material connect me with my highest values and how is it going to help me achieve my most inspiring dreams?” The question can be asked in any area of your life really. And I think its just a genius question. You think about those times that you know you should do something that will benefit you, you know that it would help you, but then for some reason you don’t end up doing it?

And when you look at it the real reason you don’t that don’t do it is because you don’t believe that the benefit is true, well this question lets you get in touch with why you should want to do it and it helps convince yourself that doing the thing is a great benefit and something you want to do.

It helps you to believe it, then you’re motivated and excited about doing it because you know what you’re doing it for, so getting this focus before you do anything is essential to have enthusiasm not just in reading but in anything that we do.

Appreciation helps us retain what we’re learning because we see it as important and makes us want to pay attention to it and it gets our intention clear on why we’re doing it.

Demartini also talks about how Success comes in different forms and while you may consider yourself to be less successful at something. You have to look at what you’re putting your energy into and what you’re growing and learning and be appreciative for that. There is always a benefit if you look for it. Once you let go of your resentment about not seeing exactly what you were expecting and appreciate what did benefit you, you can move past the resentment and be productive again.

I thought it was interesting how he teaches that we can affect people non-locally, and when we change within ourselves, the affects are felt by everyone even far away.

In the section what’s your favorite lie? He talks about our believing and living limiting beliefs that we have that we’ve gathered from other people, or from somewhere in our life, one limiting belief, or lie about our self can stop us from achieving our greatness, and once we identify the lies that we are living then we can change and rescript them to become geniuses rather than limited beings.

He says we have confidence in the things that align with our values , if we’re not confident about something , that area is probably not important to us or something that inspires us.

Again getting clear on what we’re getting out or something and that it’s going to help us achieve what we want is so essential because once we are motivated and know what, we want and are achieving then what we’re doing becomes a joy and an inspiration rather than a drag.