One of the key points that he makes throughout this whole book and in particular this chapter is that if you pay attention to the person that you want to become which would be breaking the habit of being yourself,  then this thought literally becomes an experience and the end product of this is an emotion.


This experience of becoming the emotion is really key.  There is allot more to this than just meets the eye as they say. In starting to practice this meditation I have begun to understand how I was doing visualizations was just not enough . In changing the experience and creating the emotion, you are literally changing the whole chemistry in the body. In  changing neurons that were connected they now start to disconnect themselves from the old and create new ones, this is where real change happens.  “A clear intention with an elevated emotion must manifest in this space and time, it’s the law.”  Think about this for a moment and when you finally understand what he is trying to tell us as so many others have ,think about what you can be. Happy, Healthy and Wealthy.



He takes us through the different levels of brain wave activity that we go through and shows us how through meditation we finally get to the Theta brain wave where the body is no longer in control .  Finally we are free to create and change all the subconscious programs that we spend 95 % of our time in.


There is a verse in the bible . “If you do not become like a child you will not enter the kingdom of heaven.”  What Jesus was referring to here is the Theta brain wave that as children we were able to dream  and live in the imaginable . Think back to those moment in your childhood where you were able to dream and live life freely in the flow of the quantum field. This is still accessible to us now.


This is how we move beyond the analytical mind that is chained by the BIG 3 as Joe Dispenza calls it,  Time, Space and the Environment.   Become that child again!

Maria Jacques