This week we are answering questions on the recent books that we have covered and a common question that seems to come up is , ” Why aren’t things happening the way I want if i am doing the work. ”  And i can definitely relate to the question because it is one that I have asked myself many times. But here is what I have learned on my journey through this self discovery. First you have to be very clear on what it is that you want. It is not enough to just say it or think it there is the work that has to go into into and that is in the writing it out or scripting it. It is helpful to write out and then read out loud to yourself and see how it sounds to you. Secondly in the writing it out it is very important that you write it out in the present tense, as if it is happening in the moment. Remember that the more detail you put in in terms of the senses ; feeling, smelling, hearing, seeing, tasting the more alive it becomes in your mind. The minute you put your desire into the future tense you have acknowledged not having it and therefore that possibility has been created in the quantum filed. The sciences are now showing us this.

The Feeling component of this is crucial because it is this elevated emotion that sends the frequency out to the field of our desire. There are many ways that you can accomplish this , practicing in front of a mirror, acting  it out, actually putting yourself in a scenario such as testing driving that new car that you want.  There is so much you could do here with this, the important thing is have fun, be creative and most importantly create that elevated feeling. A phrase that has helped me and i have written and posted all over my house to remind me of this is

 The Quantum filed responds not to what I want but to who I am being.

Another component that is important is cleaning out the computer of the mind. If you think you have done the work but you have tapes that are still running through your mind this will obviously affect the work you are doing.  You cannot expect wealth if what you have roaming around in your head is ” I don’t  have enough money in my bank account . ”  This is another crucial aspect of the work that has to be done. The ingredients in a recipe are very important for it being delicious, leave one out an it changes the whole recipe. So the reality here is there are no short cuts. the work has to be done and the rewards will be great. Remember your job is to do the What and not be concerned with the How.

Maria Jacques