I have tended to be a person with thoughts that tumble in all directions. At times this has been an asset. An example would be when I am brainstorming a new idea in my head with a particular focus. However, many times my thoughts come so rapidly that even the inspiring ideas come and leave before they register long enough for me to use them.

I am aware that when I am under stress, my brain wave levels get stuck in high beta. At such times, most often the connection of my thoughts gets lost in the whirlwind. Any solutions to issues do not have time to formalize.

In our current studies with Quantum Leap Book Club, we are seeking ways to “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’. Through our focus on this book by Dr. Joe Dispenza, we have the opportunity to examine the thoughts and strategies offered. We learn to develop awareness of what does not bring us our desired outcome in our daily lives. Dr. Dispenza offers a step by step process to lead us in gaining the gifts available through the practice of meditation.

I have overused my analytical mind to such a degree that the multitude of questioning “how?”, ”why” and “wherefore” has only taken me to a confused place. One powerful motivation for me to master meditation is the opportunity to move past analytical mind and access subconscious mind where all my “bad habits” exist that I desire to transform .

There is great appeal for me to anticipate a practice that can lead me away from my preoccupation with my environment, my body and time limitations. The first and very important step is what our author calls “induction”. This is a preparatory exercise with a focus on the space around different parts of your body. Deep breathing is an option as well to slow down the rate of your brain waves.

What an immense relief to anticipate gradually mastering a quiet mind where my resistance is reduced and I reach an openness to receive and accept and create a new reality leading to a brand new present and future. I accept my solutions exist within me not in the external world. Reaching this understanding is reason for celebration to be sure.

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Joyce Mollenhauer

cohost of Quantum Leap Book Club