Interesting question.  Where do the choices for the Now Moment come from?

In “Matter Into Feeling”, the author Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, gives us another thought to ponder.  He explains that  all possibilities are present in the imaginal realm, constantly flowing from the past to the Now and from the future to the Now.  We do not perceive all of them as they flow by.  As we focus on the Now moment and a possible future event, not only do the past memories, beliefs and programs flow forward to the now, but also all the potential flows to the possible future event flows backward to the Now moment.  As we become aware of them, the probability of creating the future event becomes much more probable.  These two streams of possibilities create a cycle for creation and manifestation. There may be multiple ways of creating the future event, but as we focus on what the potential future event looks like and begin creating it, the possibilities seem to fall into place.

This is where our choices come in.  We make choices in the Now moment based on the past flowing forward and with our “intuition” flowing from the future.  We can see which potential might work the best and we make a choice.  We are magical as human beings as we move about each day pulling from the past and the future to create the Now. And as quickly as we create it, the Now has now moved to the past with a new Now moment presenting itself with a new potential creation in the future and the cycle begins again.  It seem so amazing to me that we can follow one flow or another and shift into the flow of cycles that we want.  And we can do that whenever we want.  The magic is in holding this in our consciousness and making conscious choices.

One other thought.  Are there really any good or bad choices?  I think it is just a matter of perception for you. Most choices are what they are and all bring to us lessons to use as we move through our lives.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay