Chapter one A Powerful Shock! This is how we start Inside the Earth by Radu Cinemar.

Right from the start the story tells us our experience goes as far as our consciousness and indeed right now with the focus around page 58 we’re looking at how one could get inside the Earth.
In relation to reaching the centre of the Earth the key message repeated in many ways is:

You Go as Far as Your Individual Consciousness Allows You.

Think wherever you are right there are radio waves all around and we could say these are each sound realities, each a different song, or talk-back or news….yet without the radio (or the device to tune into these frequencies and play them) our ears are unable to hear them and they are seemingly not present.

So what does this mean for the world we “see” around us?

Is there also a physical world, a material world, that has many possible expressions yet we only see that that we have the tuning for?

With this in mind let’s get back to the question of how to pass through to the interior of the Earth.
Again the same answer: it depends on where your frequency is at.

In other words you cannot move further beyond the zone from which you are energetically prepared” pg 59

So this means there is no way use force to get to through.

Now to the explanation of the “easiest” way into the Earth .
In short it’s where we have the magnetic fields and the gravitational fields in alignment.
Going to the book on page 59 and 64 you’ll see the Earth and magnetic fields around the Earth being parallel to the lines of gravity (up and down from the Earth not across the Earth surface) at the North and South Pole.
Visualise also the magnetic field lines coming out around a magnet you may be familiar from with this from school experiments looking at iron filings on a piece of paper and a magnet underneath. Knowing too this is the same pattern of magnetic lines that indeed are around our physical body.

Answering the question of moving through into the earth were shown that it is a continuity of movement from the physical matter that gets lighter more plasma like open brackets plasma being a description of an energy made up of simple electrons and charged particles and not constructed elements yet). Continuing to move through these subtle planes the reality is described as more rarified meaning it is less dense. In this state with highly charged particles and a lack of density there is a great potential for matter to materialise in different fields. Looking at it another way one could say as one moves towards the centre of the earth the potential for anything to be present is greater and indeed it is our own vibrations (thoughts and feelings) that interact with the raw materials resulting in us experiencing a particular plane of reality.

The reality experienced is up to us. If we have the receptors we can pick up more of what is present. In essence when one gets to the subtle planes where it’s more plasma like (less dense and more potential) if their own vibrational state is not matched in frequency they will just pass out.

One way in!

How to pass into the middle of the Earth at the poles is given through the words and graphics on page 65 and 66 and here we’re reminded that this is only a representation and again anything put into words or imagery has its limitations.

It’s interesting to see that these three things that could happen and the parallels with recommendations in our own life when we want to create an outcome consciously. The three are: i) being completely too oblivious to the opening to the centre of the Earth, ii) by-passing it slightly and feeling unusual or iii) making it inside!

Not on course to the Pole
1) missing the entrance to the inner earth completely we stay in the material plane and if in a ship imagine driving quite close but never even noticing where we are.

In alignment with magnetic and Gravitational lines but not directly on-course to the pole
2) in this alternative we are travelling in alignment with the magnetic lines yet when not specifically on course to the pole and we bypassed the entrance for being at least in alignment and close by we may have a trancelike feeling or even receive information.

In alignment with magnetic and Gravitational lines and directly on-course to the pole
3) entering successfully requires being in alignment with the physical laws of the universe, in this case gravity and the magnetic lines. Secondly being directly on course to the pole and thirdly ones individual frequency to be equal to that where they are crossing. When you align yourself with the magnetic and gravitational field you’ll move to the next plane .

So once inside the Earth are we upside down or roundabout are we in rocks and magma is there Sky? Again the answer is to even be perceiving and to be present one would be existing more in the etheric plane and thus the somewhat limited thinking of how things must be isn’t dominating anymore it could look like anything now.

Passing into the Center of the Earth – a Message for Reaching our Unique Centre
Likewise the message on how to pass through the pole into the centre of the Earth has advice for anything in our lives. In summary to have a very specific focus, to be aligned in our purpose and with the universal principles such as gravity and magnetics, to have specific focus and move with constancy (seeing the path not the obstacles) brings us always closer to success in creating and experiencing what we think and feel (our frequency).

So whether we are aiming to journey into the centre of the Earth or to the centre of our own selves, our true nature, it is in going to the place of the void or the less dense where we can indeed re-create and here we re-create as far as our own frequency.

Come along and on the journey of questioning and ‘un-knowing’ as we move into the centre of the Earth and into the centre of our own uniqueness. Continue through the pages of scientific controversy and new perspectives.

Indeed even being able to ask oneself what if this were true how would I live differently and see what comes up for you stay with us as we journey through the centre of our Earth.

Geraldene Dalby-Ball   Ecologist  Sydney Australia
Elaway De’Ye’Ng Li’ta