Based on chapter 4, 5 and 6 of the book: Quantum Entrainment. The Secret of Quantum Living by Frank Kinslow

“The Truth is simple; the mind makes it complicated” PaRisHa Taylor


What is the EU Feeling?

The processes of Quantum Entrainment, can lead to feelings of peace, stillness, unboundedness and similar which Frank Kinslow calls The EU feeling.

The author explains that the EU feeling, we may access while in pure awareness, is in fact the Self. “It is the natural state of a mind that is aware of its Self. “. This Self is also called our soul, our spark, our Higher Self., our Inner Being.

When an EU feeling, which may be as simple as stillness or silence, arises, we are advised to “easily observe it”. If thoughts return, “innocently observe them, too”.They will give way to either “no-thought” or pure awareness, or your EU feeling.

We should continue to observe and do nothing else – do nothing but watch our thoughts and wait for our EU feeling. When the EU feeling is in our awareness, focus on it clearly and intently.

What’s the big deal?

Our mind reflects the EU feeling as joy, love and peace., unboundedness etc. to us. It seems to be no big deal. My mind kept wondering:  is anything happening? Am I doing it right? How can I make it work? Mind feels only whole if it can control.

This could happen because pure awareness, the EU feeling, the Self come very, very subtle. It is indeed the very still, small voice. And our mind is loud!

Poets and mystics

The EU feeling cannot really be confined in words. It is in music, art, in the writings of mystics from all religion and ages. The author states that the philosophy of Advaita is pointing to the essence of Quantum entrainment. It is mystics and poets like Jalaluddin Rumi, Ramana Maharishi, Eckhardt Tolle or Mooji who put words to this.

When we are in the QE process, we are not attaining something, there is no trying. Rather, the QE process reduces us, more and more and ends finally into what we really are: pure awareness

How can I stop mind?

First, we are not getting upset nor in dismay about having thoughts. As Nisargadatta, one of Frank Kinslow favorite mystics, says: “Do not stop thoughts, simply cease interest in them“.
So, we keep turning our attention into observation, away from engaging in thoughts. We become the silent witness and let thoughts happen. If one does this more often, you will notice that thoughts diminish, fade away. The “me” moves in the background while pure awareness comes to the front.

Do nothing! just observe your thoughts and wait! for the feeling to arise. Do not interfere, do not control. Just Be IT.

Rosemarie Heyer, co-host