Reading Inside the Earth the Second Tunnel by Radu Cinamar is a journey inside one’s self as much as it is about into the Earth.  At times it seems like the new information is bubbling up realities in the physical World around me. Phrases and concepts from pages are appearing in this ‘everyday life’.  So I’m I making that happen or are ‘others’ speaking louder now so that I’m starting to notice or both?

After reading there’s a time of settling where the information seems to be present if not yet fully digested. Then while going through the seemingly ordinary actions of the day driving to work site preparing information meeting different clients etc there are drop-ins of completely relevant information whether it be through the radio, through the latest podcast topic, through something that somebody says, or the reflections in nature.

So is it that the information is always been there and I just haven’t noticed the same way as when one’s thinking of buying a red car they notice red cars everywhere! Or is there something more specific and by reading are we activating a part of us inside that’s then unfurling and communicating with everything ‘out there’ and everything out there is then sending information back in multiple forms.

I reflect on this and the parallel with the information of about how to get inside the earth at the pole where one needs to have clear focus one needs to go a constant speed one needs to be of that particular vibration that’s in alignment with the universal ones of the electromagnetics and gravity. And if one is just missing it for example if there’s not a clear vision but you’re close as the book shares with us there may be a feeling of something just not quite being ordinary or downloads of information.

Indeed this is the experience and to acknowledge that is what is happening brings a smile and a reflection of where one’s been and where one is going but more importantly where am I right now!!

Sitting in a car driving to a meeting going past what was once grass, now totally inundated by floodwaters, the big cleanse that came with the equinox ‘Freddy’ on the podcast goes into detail about ancient monument spaces and places in Sardinia and Scotland and the practices of Traditional Peoples being inside of the Earth. 

As a 3rd partly I listen to this interview and my ears alert as the talk moves to the ‘key’ being the ability to hold specific frequencies and how the initiates would train to get a particular frequency and then they could pass into a ‘different space’. I listen to this information about the many peoples in that ‘other space’ and the description of that space being “just the room next door”. A comment too that I did not google search the words Inner Earth or anything like that to have this topic being discussed now.  Like so many things it’s an example of what is ‘showing up’ or what ‘I’m now open to notice’ since we started the reading Inside the Earth the Second Tunnel.

Looking out the window and seeing the floodwaters carrying away a past, some old caravan, boxes, and more.  Trees standing solid though with the water rising up around them a solidness of knowing the water will fall again later and drop additional nutrients.  Realising that this is part of the teaching “let go of the past” all the focus on the present moment and its vibration.  The vibration or frequency is right now.  Like dialing a mobile phone number or tuning a radio station it either is correct and gets through or it is not.  In the in-between time, we may pass close to the ‘opening of the Earth at the pole’ or sail close by and in doing so receive downloads, more information, more messages. So be ready.