In finishing up the book, Dying to Be Me by the author and experiencer Anita Moorjani, we are allowed to live her NDE (near-death experience) through her sharing of perceptions and understandings.  Whether you believe in life after death, or not, or whether you have your own ideas of what is true for you, or not, Anita Moorjani gives us much to think about and consider.

From my experiences and perceptions of sharings, many things she shares are similar to what I have heard from others, whether they are from members of NDE groups I have attended, NDE conferences, or experiences related by my friends and even my husband, who has had 3 NDE’s in his life.  They all point to me that we are all greater than the body and our consciousness lives on. For me, I believe we are truly a consciousness, a spirit, having a human experience in a body, and we are truly greater than we imagine.

In our sharings, chapter 18 is a great summary of what Anita shares with the readers.  It is a Q & A chapter and a wonderful summary of her answers to those who give her questions, in live appearances and her website.  This is a mind-expanding book, a definite read, and it is one to share with others.

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Co-Host – Tryna Cooper

Photo by Olya Harytovich on Pexels