How we think and how we feel produces a state of being. This state of being generates frequencies which are received by the Quantum field, the universal consciousness.  Now, we are attracting potentials into our reality. So, our thoughts and feelings have an electromagnetic signature influencing the energies in our reality.  Ask yourself : What am I broadcasting on a daily basis? (unconscious and conscious)

Newtonian physics   Old modell

Old model has linear time past, present and future
Life is conditioned by the past

The universe is a machinery
It can be controlled and conquered-by matter

The old model separates mind, (which has then been placed into religious beliefs)
from matter…reality – which is placed into materialistic science

Materialistic science leaves out in its equations energy/consciousness, basically The One that is in all things, many call it   God


Quantumphysics New modell

Power is in the present moment, Future can exist in the present as can the past
Time does not exist.

The universe exists of infinite possibilities and we need to take a leap into the unknown to connect with these potentials
We create our reality (matter) from the imaginal realm, the Inner reality

New modell says mind and matter are one thing: energy!! matter is 99,9 percent energy
and the is energy of material around us is in – form- ation with a unique, specific  frequency.

This Energy of the One is not a magic force outside of me and you nothing can  exits outside of the One.  Everyone and every thing is held up and infused by The All Knowing, omnipotent ONE

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by co-host Rosemarie Heyer, Germany