We are beginning to explore the Gratitude effect by Dr. John Demartini . In the first chapter he starts out with sharing with us his research findings of the one main question he has gone all over the world and asked people of all cultures and races . What would you do if you had 24 hours to live . Now Think about this for a moment . It’s a very deep and profound question . Take the time and perhaps write down some things that come to your mind at this moment

This question helped me to focus on what I can do not only about myself in changing to embrace more of this. But also how am I bringing this to another person in my daily activities . And what came to mind was the practice that Grandmother has had us do of meeting one person a day .

He found that consistently people answered they would take the time to to tell all the people in their lives that have contributed to it how much they love and appreciate them . This was the response across the globe . So what does this say . Love and appreciation are keys to the human experience . When we allow ourselves to rest in these states our lives can transform . Too much of our time is spent in the business of the day and the what to do that we forget about this simple principle . We aren’t aware of the power and beauty that love and gratitude can bring into our daily lives or the life of another individual or in the parking lot of the grocery store      He also tells us that universally people want to be loved and appreciated for who they truly are . And this he says is the essence of our Human Experience . How powerful to say to someone else or even  a stranger , I appreciate you for being here and give him/her a big smile

This was just a small reflection of chapter 1 of which seems to be a very powerful book .

So the questions remains why wait till tomorrow . What will you do today to express love and appreciation .

Maria Jacques