Chapter 7 begins with a quote from Larry Dossey from his book Recovering the Soul which addresses the concept of time

The “home” of the mind , as of all things, is the implicate order. At this level, which is the fundamental plenum for the entire universe, there is no linear time. The implicate domain is atemporal;  moments are not strung together serially like beads on a string.

As I read this chapter and the information that is presented and backed up by all the research that has been done in the field of the hologram it took me into very deep states of thinking and into a very contemplative part of myself.  While none of the concepts that he presents here in this chapter such as precognitions, the ability to see the past and future and to have visions of the past enacted as if they were in the present are not new to me, the information did seem to take on a totally new perspective. Perhaps it has been that the more that I have allowed myself to think of the universe in this way , holographically it has opened the doors in some many others ways.

Time cannot be considered as linear as he tells us and gives us the research to back up this statement throughout many examples in this chapter. The hologram like nature of many precognitive experiences provide further evidence that the ability to foresee the future is a holographic phenomenon.

My mother is an example of this. She is a survivor of a very serious airplane accident in which she was one of the few survivors because of a precognition she had prior to the plane crashing.  She had been asleep prior to landing and woke up in a fright because she dreamt the airplane had crashed. She got up to go to the bathroom to freshen up as this had shaken her up a bit and as she was returning to her seat the stewardess said she did not have enough time to return to her seat and had to sit in the very last row of the plane. This saved her life as the plane crashed and was split in three parts.

The same holds true for predicting future events. We heard of so many stories from people who were spared from the tragedy of the World Trade Center because of some precognition. We cannot ignore the significance of these events and the implications of what it says about how we create our own reality. Choosing one holographic future over another is essentially the same as creating the future. Our consciousness plays a significant role in creating the here and now.

Maria Jacques