“The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz is the book we are currently discussing on our program “Quantum Leap Book Club”. This week we focused on Chapter 2, “Be Impeccable With Your Word”.

Our author shares that the power of the word is a profound gift we have received from God! The WORD gives us the power to communicate, to think and to create all our life events. There are advantages to the written word in the option offered to us to edit before sending out particularly with the abilities available to us through the computer and texting. With the spoken word, once sent out we cannot retrieve the words we have spoken. The spoken word is a two-edged sword. We can create HELL or we can create HEAVEN depending on the words we send out.  The HELL that results from our spoken word is considered BLACK MAGIC when we put a spell on another person and create fear of each other. Negative self-judgment results. The HEAVEN we create with our spoken word is considered PURE WHITE MAGIC and has the outcome of releasing us from the spell. Positive self-judgment results! I believe all people have memories of a lasting impact on our lives when the spoken word was directed towards us in an unfavorable manner.

 The definition of impeccable as “highest standards” inspires me. In my opinion this definition allows our interpretation of highest standards to evolve from a starting point in the present moment. I anticipate with developing expertise in being impeccable with my word, those standards will expand.

 To master the agreement of the IMPECCABLE WORD has the potential to become a guide to live a beautiful life. However, this agreement is not simple to achieve due to the fact we have learned the opposite. In some examples, it has been a defense mechanism to find someone or something at fault to reduce our self-judgment. Even the use of gossip has had the result of relieving self-judgment.  The author comments that we spread our personal poison when we blame and judge or express anger, envy, hate against ourselves and others. Long-term habits must first be acknowledged and recognized as not serving us.

 I appreciate the concept introduced by our author of developing IMMUNITY with mastery of being impeccable with my word. As Miguel Ruiz states on page 48, we gain immunity from anyone putting a negative spell on us. We no longer offer a fertile ground for negativity. I like the definition of immunity to be “the ability to resist and to make a different choice”.

 You might ask what can be gained if I master the ability of being impeccable with my word? The author shares that even one agreement can change your life and immunity to hell is obtained.

 Joyce Mollenhauer/Ukte’na

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