Chapter 8 of “The Secret Language of the Heart” by Barry Goldstein is a treasure chest of viable options available to the reader for connecting with yourself and with the universe. This book is currently the focus of discussion for the Quantum Leap Book Club through Law of Attraction network. The power of chanting and in particular chanting OM is of strong interest for me. OM is said to contain every sound in the universe and weaves through many languages. OM is broken down into four syllables each with a different meaning.

  1. Aah – represents creation aspects of the universe and allows us to connect with ourselves on a physical level. Aah resonates in the lower abdomen and throat.
  2. Oooh expands our focus.
  3. Mmmm unites us to the essence of oneness and vibrates at the crown of our head. Mmmm opens us to a deeper spiritual connection and allows us to pause and feel all that is.
  4. Silence is the space between sounds. Breathe that in and allow yourself to hear and experience the silence.

 Barry recommends starting with practice in 5-minute intervals and working up to a 20-minute practice These guidelines for the chanting of OM offer a huge opportunity for each of us to gain the benefits that result. The practice of chanting OM is only one of the many offerings given in this book to enhance your life and involve only a minimal time commitment.

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