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Scientists are searching for Planet 9 aka NIBIRU

Our solar system

“Where is Planet 9?”

ask Konstantin Batygin and  Michael E. Brown from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in their article in The Astronomical Journal in January 2016.

Scientist are searching for a Planet 9 which could be indeed Nibiru, a Sumerian word for the home planet of the Anunnaki “The Gods from Heaven” These Extraterrestrial Beings arrived 445.000 years ago, says Zecharia Sitchin in his book “The 12th planet”.

The scientist suggest that Planet Nine could be the core of a giant ice planet. It might have been ejected through a crash with another planet from its original orbit into an orbit that takes him outside of our solar system, they say.

Was this the crash with Tiamat, the primal mother planet of our solar system and earth, as discussed in Chapter 4?

The mass of Planet 9 is estimated to be up to ten times larger then Earth. That comes close to what we assume about the mysterious planet Nibiru.  The orbit is elliptical and decentralized, i.e there is a cutting point where this planet races across our solar system, presumably between the planets we know.

The same orbit as shown in the 4th Chapter of  “The Annunaki Chronicles”, saying that Nibiru needs 3600 years to return into our solar system.


Gravitational signatures showing that there is something out there,

says The The Assistant Professor of Planetary Science at Caltech, Konstantin Batgyn. This could come from an unknown planet approaching our solar system.

Beyond Pluto are many dwarf planets, actually there is a large ring of so called transneptunian objects (minor planets which orbits the sun beyond Neptune, also known as TNO).

In 2012 the scientist. Rodney Gomes, proposed that an undetected planet was responsible for some of the orbits of TNOs. Unusual Largr axis of the orbit , as something stretched them out or orbits which are vertical, so called perpendicular, to the inner planets, are some strange things that must be influenced by a large mass object.


Clustered objects detected by computer simulation

The Kuiper belt circles the sun in a position outside of Neptune, a vast undiscovered area beyond our outer planets. This belt of billions of objects is similar to the asteroid belt between Jupiter and Mars. Yet it is 20 times larger. Through computer simulation the 2 scientists from show, that something keeps the objects of the Kuiper belt clustered on the opposite site and pulling them all in the same plane.

These researchers of Planetary astronomy, Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown, have not yet seen Planet 9 in the telescope. Mike Brown says: “So far only two true planets have been discovered in past times and this one will be the third. It’s a pretty fat chunk of our solar system that can still be found out there and that’s very exciting.”

The Planet 9 hypothesis is supported by several astronomers and academics.

For example,

Jim Green, a director of NASA, said: “the evidence is stronger now than it has been before”.

“Planet 9 (Nibiru?) seems the only satisfactory explanation of everything now known about the outer region of the Solar System”, says Prof Tom Levenson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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