Have you ever believed in magic?  Think about this for a moment . Go back into your childhood when you thought all of life was magical . What was different about our thinking back then as children ? We believed we could do anything , be anything , it was that wonderful world of the imaginal that as children we spent a great deal of time in. Where life was how we played it out on our stage of life. I can remember as a child playing in our carport and putting on plays and acting things out.  We would use whatever props we could find in nature sometimes twigs sometimes leaves, rocks and so on. Those are fond memories that bring back the memories of childhood and all that I imagined in those play acting moments. How wonderful Life was .

Well as we come to a completion of this book Matter into Feelings  by Fred Allen Wolf , we have seen throughout this whole journey that this is completely possible to us not only as children but as the adults that we are now. We now know from Quantum Physics that we are not at the mercy and whim of circumstances in  our lives but instead are the master co creators of our own realities and destinies. He has demonstrated throughout this book  the sciences of exactly how this happens through the ” observer effect ” and the collapsing of the wave function into particles to create that vision we have in mind.

Magic is defined in the Webster dictionary as ….  ” the power of apparently influencing the course of events by using mysterious and supernatural forces.” There is no longer anything mysterious about this. We have been given the sciences and the road map through his book

So you see we can still create magic as the adult that we are now. We can still experience that magic and wonderment of life as we did as children.  How would your life be different now with this knowledge? What would you differently every day to create more magic in your life. How would you take of the shaded glasses you have been wearing for  so any years and put on the magical glasses?

It is time to begin to create the magic in your life !

Maria Jacques