Based on Part 2 of book The Secret Language of the Heart by Barry Goldstei

Coherence comes from the Latin base word “stick together” The word coherent is often used when it comes to expressing yourself in a logical clear manner. Also acting clear coherent. There is a greater sense of a whole, of harmony.

Related to our body we are coherent when heart and brain work together in harmony. Barry Goldstein says we are coherent when all our 4 body parts: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional parts come together in harmony.

Incoherence is dissonance, fragmentation of these parts.

Our heart sets the pace

Our heart is setting the tempo, keeping the pace, and synchronizing our four bodie

It relies on emotional signals from our autonomous nervous system (fight, flight or freeze or relaxation response) , The sympathetic or parasympathetic system.

Whether you are calm or in stress, your heart has to be able to adapt. This can be measured with our Heart Rate variability (HRV). This is the fluctuation in the length of the intervals between heartbeats. For example, in cases of diabetes or high blood pressure the heart beats always faster. It is not adaptable; it is a low variability of the heart.

This can be measured! A low heart variability leads to incoherence, an unhealthy state of our body. It is less resilient and struggles to handle changing situations mental, emotional or physical or spiritual.

Turn to a Life that is heart centered

The good news is that we can influence this. We can focus on Emotional self-care or how Barry Goldstein says Live a heart centered Life. …relaxation, breathing, physical self-touch, activating the Vagus nerve. Now we are supporting our parasympathetic system. It is sending a relaxation response to the heart.

Music is the ultimate mood changer

Music has direct access to my heart. Often, I focus on my heart. I put my hand gentle on my heart. Immediately I feel a shift towards relaxation. Adding the right music guides me into a heart coherence. Sometimes it’s quiet and meditative music, often it’s a good old oldie which makes me sing and dance right in the kitchen. Music has always been the quickest highway to the wisdom and healing power of my heart.

Try it. Welcome home to your heart.

By Rosemarie Heyer, co-host, Germany

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