He explores the dance between the soul and the persona causing two almost conflicting plot lines. We could consider the persona the aspect of our character perceived by others , or in other words our outer character. The soul could be considered the more spiritual , immaterial , immortal part of the human being. In these two different plot lines we consider how do we as individuals make the best of our lives, and in the other plot line we experience ourselves as a part of the one mind of human. So on one hand we have an individual sense of space, time that is separate from others and on the other hand we have the experience of oneness.

As we weave the two stories, Fred Alan Wolf discusses that on an individual level we get caught up in the emotions and web of our own weaving that he calls the dream mask . What is interesting is that we can change the face we put out there by drawing from the collective consciousness of images and change the face we wear internally. We gather all these alternative faces throughout life and even by tapping into our genetic code.

Just as he discussed in the previous chapter, our future self is constantly feeding back information and enticing us toward potentials, while the current masked individual persona attempts to keep the status quo the same. And all of this influencing what we perceive and observe and from a quantum physic perspective therefore influencing what we manifest and experience as out -there.

Marianne Love