Related to pages 120 to 123 in the book INSIDE THE EARTH

Radu steps on the rock platform at a mountain. He sees a large valley, a sea at the horizon, a cloudy luminous sky and a large inhabited city under him. It is not the beauty and the peculiar energy that brings up strong emotions in him. It is the  fact, that he finally sees this landscape INSIDE THE EARTH.

What he sees is part of a large cavity inside the rock bed of the Earth.This is the mantle under the crust of the Earth. Conventional science estimates a depths of 30.000 km for this rock bed, but we cannot be sure if this is true since many measurements are only based on estimation. Many cavities make this mantle like a honey comb. Radu also hears from his guide Dryn that there are larger cavities, many with different civilizations and peculiarities.

Science claims its deepest drilling (Russia) is 12 km deep.  The deepest cave that has been explored by caving specialists is the Kurbera-Voronya in the south-eastern state Georgia in Europe, 2.1 km deep.

We have barely scratched the surface of the crust, and have not even entered the large rock bed with these large cavities. And even, if our scientist would, we have learned from the reading the book INSIDE THE EARTH, that it takes a prepared consciousness, a certain mindset to enter the Inner Earth to even be able to experience the existence of landscapes and cities as Radu visited them.

Rosemarie Heyer , co-host