Related to chapter 10 to 13, Breaking the habit of Being yourself by Dr. Joe Dispenza

1       Induction meditations
Moving from analytical mind to observer, access to the unconscious conditioning

2       Recognize
Being the Observer.
We are familiarizing us with our Old Self:
identifying unwanted behaviours, emotions thought and habits.
We want to eliminate those throughout the day. Choose one emotion to start with.
For example,
We familiarize ourselves with the emotions we do not want anymore (worry) and the possible related belief system (for example I am not good enough, I cannot trust in …) and habit (anger, stress). As the observer we are staying in self-compassion, non-judgemental. As this is the equipment we come with, it is not who we ARE.

3       Admit and declare
We actually face who we really have been and what we want to change
and we admit this to our higher inner power, our pure consciousness like:  I have been..,  I am… I truly want to change that ….

4      Declare
We are declaring by speaking loudly who we have been, how we have acted, spoken, felt and declare that we want to change

4       Surrender
Give up my healing to the universal consciousness around and inside of us

We cannot do this ourselves, because we only coming with solutions from our old self, same old…Letting the Greater Mind, Intelligent Love dissolve our Old Self.

5       Observing and reminding

Become familiar Daily awareness. Being not anymore unconscious about our patterns in of emotional reaction, thought, habit.  Immediately followed by Redirecting

6       Redirecting

CHANGE! We rehearse mentally: STOP CHANGE when the identified, unwanted emotion, thought pattern and habit starts coming up.  Then, daily we say STOP CHANGE and  prune away our conditioning  (neuron circuits, body emotional chemistry, addictions weaken)

7       Creating and Rehearsing

We create the new Ideal Self we want to be and events we want to draw in our life,
We mentally rehearse the new self and the new experiences, so we can train our body, brain to live this future self ahead of its manifestations

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