” Life enables progeny to possess a matrix of possibilities – even possibilities that served no useful purpose for its parents. Suddenly the environment changes and one of the brood finds itself surviving whiles its siblings are dying”  In Feeling into Matter – Fred Alan Wolf explores the universality of this law. It is interesting that when DNA combine in procreation, the mix produces random combination of both parents , and even mutations . If there is a sudden change in the environment, then the random mutation may allow the survival of this particular offspring over others. From the great field of possibility, how does any particular combination of DNA, and mutation occur?

One interesting theory shared in this book, the future progeny, puts in an ‘ethical phone call’ and that ignites the two peoples interest in having sex and producing offspring. From.a quantum physics perspective this idea may not be too far out there. In the realm beyond time, and space, where all is information then is is feasible that Information comes back from the future to influence the past, and information flows forward from the present to influence the future. This is the ultimate clash between creation vs survival.

Marianne Love