Moving beyond my analytical mind…….hmmm interesting 🙂

Can I really change my internal state independent of the outside world? Can I really break the habit of being myself and make the choices that will take me to my highest self and most fulfilling life?

The nightclubs in Barcelona close at 5:30 a.m. As we walk out the door with the sounds, the humming joy of the artist SOOL KING our hearts and minds filled with happiness. Taking a deep breath and moving a few steps closer we found ourselves standing before the Majestic Mediterranean Sea.

Hmmm ….. What To Do…. Oh what to do?   …Do we dare to stay longer and watch the sunrise?? God Forbid… Usually I would have opted to just go home ” Its so late, we will be so tired, it will ruin our day and plans we made in our itinerary etc etc..”

At that moment to choose spontaneity regardless of our plans and projections became the theme of our holiday in Spain.

WOW what a sunrise it was as we stood in the sea waiting to greet the sun at the moment it pierced out of the horizon. We were humbled.  We said a little prayer of thanks giving and appreciation, how beautiful was this orange red globe and horizon !!  This was a new day filled with all the possibilities imagined and the abundance and magnificence was evident to us both.

Everyday and every moment is a chance to practice, to be present, to be aware, to be engaged in the beauty life has to offer. There is no lack in this world just the inability to stand before it as it happens..We will only have so many sunrises and sunsets in our life time, how many will we be to busy in our mind to notice?

Meditation in here and now, ” If Mohammed can’t get to the Mountain …then bring the Mountain to Mohammed.” These are the simple everyday choices we can make that will have a rippling effect to our eternity 🙂