On our August 31 radio show of Quantum Leap Book Club, our discussion focused on the steps that Dr. Joe Dispenza identifies in mastering meditation. We are approaching the final sections of the book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself”. 

As I reviewed these steps I found myself comparing the process of learning a new recipe for a complicated exotic dish that requires several steps.  Each step of the recipe must be accomplished in a particular order for the end result to be the delectable dish the chef has envisioned. 

I see the similarity with the steps in learning meditation that Dr. Joe Dispenza has outlined to the reader with the intention of mastering the skill of meditation in order to gain full benefit. These steps are a process and need to be accomplished in a correct order similar to the steps of a recipe that follow one to the next. 

Step 1 is the INDUCTION process which initiates lowering the brain level from beta to a more meditative state. Focusing on the space various parts of the body take up in space gains the result of the mind being occupied. Brain wave patterns start to slow down.

With eyes closed, the first level of success is experienced due to reduced visual stimuli. The induction process shuts down the analytical mind. 

 After induction follows  RECOGNIZING as the second step. What needs recognition is the so-called “problem”  which can be defined as “what is not working”.  The reader is invited to take the opportunity to write personal answers to questions leading to what needs to be “unmemorized”. Frequently, it is common for each individual to have a predominant emotion that would be beneficial to be unmemorized.  With that predominant emotion as the focus, the next important step is to observe and identify how that emotion feels in the body. In writing out my answers to the questions on page 239, I first researched personality traits. In the process of mastering meditation,  part of your success will be the result of completing the writing exercises our author suggests. I must admit that I had an initial resistance to actually putting on paper my answers. Part of my resistance was due to initially drawing a blank. However, I was relieved that once I started, I found I could answer the questions. My experience of doing so has had this result. I have started on the road to clarity on what I can change about myself because I now have identified many of my strengths and weaknesses. Meditation is an incredible tool for getting out of the trap of lack of awareness and acceptance of ourselves and what works and does not work for us. It has been experienced by many people that life can be improved in many ways (some totally unexpected). When the same emotion related to the problem continues, the experience becomes part of daily life. A potential list of limiting states of mind is included on page 244. At this level, the most important response is to simply observe a particular emotional attitude.

 Then we can move to step 3; ADMITTING AND DECLARING. As Dr. Joe explains, at this point we are declaring to the “higher power” that exists inside us. It is a very different experience than admitting to another similarly “flawed” individual.  It is an important truth that there is no right or wrong.  Yet as individuals on this journey of life, we have experienced punishment, blame, rejection, and even loss of love. It is easy to accept why we have worked so hard to hide parts of ourselves. This is a clear example of the obvious need for COMPASSION for ourselves and for others.  This third step is our opportunity to what we can call “owning up”. There is a Cherokee practice that Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha has shared with us. This practice involves the community gathering at the end of the day to share what one has learned this day and what would be good to let go. This practice serves the process to empty out and start the next day with a new intention. 

Step 4 is SURRENDERING what is blocking us. One tactic is to choose a surrender statement that is profound for you. An example is; “Of myself, I am a no thing. Of my God I am everything.” Many of us have the battle of “needing” to be in control. Unfortunately, we can actually block the unlimited potentials that exist for us. Dr. Joe expresses in such clear words when he lists the importance of surrendering in “sincerity, honesty, certainty, clarity, passion and in trust”. He shares the effects we can gain of “joy, love, freedom, awe, gratitude, and exuberance”. What a wonderful and enticing goal to achieve just because of a conviction that a new self can be a powerful plus in our personal lives. 

These are the first four steps of seven described for your exploration of yourself.  The process of completing all 7 steps is revealing as you succeed in identifying who you currently are and what you can do to create a new and improved version of yourself. 

I strongly recommend you obtain your own copy of this book and do all the written exercises if you are sincerely committed to becoming NEW!

Joyce Mollenhauer/Ukte’na  cohost of Quantum Leap Book Club. 

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