Procedural memory is a process that can lead to personal change. When anyone does a practice such as meditation long enough, success is achieved due to movement from thinking to doing. In time, both body and mind memorize the process. The ultimate is to reach a level of “to know that I know” and then the practice becomes automatic. This applies to anything you want to change.
Dr. Joe also suggests there is a value in writing your thoughts on paper about a desired change (whatever that happens to be for you). Then it is beneficial to review your written notes before starting to meditate. These notes can serve as a road map for a meditation journey because it provides a destination. Dr Fred Alan Wolfe describes this as the cycle of beginning and ending which applies to any task or activity one is involved in. Science has proven that after clearly identifying the beginning and ending, the middle will automatically happen.
With learning to meditate,Dr. Joe shared the importance of “taking control of your mind so you can lose your mind” as the process of connecting with the “nothingness” during meditation. The goal is to dissociate from your known reality.
Be willing to celebrate the effect and success of mastering one small step at a time. Don’t allow an old pattern of seeking “instant gratification” to cause you to become impatient and block your road to success. The tendency to be distracted is an example of first becoming aware of a habit to let go of. Taking the opportunity to become aware is an initial step. The next important step in this example is to master letting go and preventing distractions. Setting a timer is one tip from Dr. Joe that can assist at this stage. Using the timer, there is one less potential distraction in the process of eliminating thoughts about time.
The benefit of recording thoughts on paper leads to identifying thoughts particularly repetitive thoughts. There is major importance in learning to stay in present time. “Do it now” is always good advice to reduce distractions and increase completions.
Induction practice as described in the appendix of the book, “Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself” by Dr. Joe Dispenza, shuts down analytical mind through focusing on one body part at a time. Body and subconscious mind are merged. The induction process is a tool for entering the operating system of the subconscious mind leading to the ability to carry out a particular desired change.
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