I have just reviewed Martin Luther King’s speech of “I have a dream” given August 28, 1963. I am recognizing here we are 60 years later and looking at a world actively and desperately seeking to understand how we are all connected.

In this chapter 3 of Dr. Fred Alan Wolf’s book,  Matter into Feeling, you can follow  a presentation that leads us to understanding the interconnectedness of all of life beyond the unity of human beings. 

Themes discussed by Dr. Wolf in this chapter include understanding the difference between objective and subjective as well as the universal principle of “as above, so below”.  Objective can be defined as making an unbiased, balanced observation based on facts which can be verified. Subjective can be defined as making assumptions or interpretations based on personal opinions without any verifiable facts. It is important to know these definitions, as the framework described by Dr. Wolf is based on understanding the difference. The logical measure of the outside world is determined by its relationship with the subjective qualities of the inner psyche and the logical measure of the inner psyche is determined by its relationship with the objective qualities of the outside world. 

With taking the time to absorb the information, I am recognizing the value of applying what Dr. Wolf shares to my daily life and new ways I can expand my limited thinking. 

 Cohost Joyce Mollenhauer. 

I am privileged to be a cohost on a fun, interesting, and life changing radio show called Quantum Leap Book Club. We focus on books that celebrate the incredible expansion and changes in Consciousness in our world. Currently, we are reading “Matter into Feeling” by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf.

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