Based on Dr. Joe Dispenza Breaking the Habit of Being yourself, Ch. 8

Many people healed themselves from final stage of cancer or manifested large sums of money and much more with the method of Dr. Joe Dispenza. However, they did not just visualize and feel for the cancer to shrink or visualize the money flowing in.

They transformed their State of Being. They have become a NEW SELF. Free of old beliefs, emotional addictions and negative habits. This new personality aligned with the frequency of healing or abundance with coherent heart brain connection.

To change our State of Being is a daily task and the most challenging task!
Before we start, it is a good idea to focus on what you want to create. Abundance, healing, greatness, a mystical connection? An inspiring vision can be the motivating force to do the daily practice.

Let us use the example of creating an abundant life with financial wealth, flow of money to assist others with it.
Ideas for Questions to transform our Old Self:

What kind of thoughts do I not want to think when I live in abundance?
What feelings, do I not want to take in my new life of financial wealth?
What behaviour do I need to let go, so I can be abundant?

Please be aware that these or similar questions cannot be answered by analytical thinking.  Our analytical mind is based on “same old” thoughts/beliefs, “same old” emotional bonds and habits. It cannot move  us into a new level of thinking.

Your observer is the key to eliminate our OLD SELF

By meditation, we become familiar with our Old Self. We relax our body, we are quieting our mind, letting thoughts pass by. We move into this part of our Higher Self, some say it is the Higher Self of our Being, the Observer.
Once we allow the Observer to come up front, it quietly detects the habits, feelings and thoughts we want to eliminate in our self.  The observer does not judge nor analyse. It simply observes. We become the observer in this process and allow the answers to come.

This is an awareness we want to be present to all day. Keep doing this process daily and become the observer. Personally, I noticed the more I practice observing the more often the Observer in me speaks up. Suddenly I am aware, that I have just gone back into being unconscious, having thoughts, feelings or habits of my Old Self.
By eliminating unwanted thoughts, behaviors and habits, I prune away the old brain neuron networks and change the chemistry of my body.

Old memorized emotions bind a lot of energy.  I have noticed that when I eliminate just one feeling or one habit, I have freed up a lot of energy. Why? Because it is connected to a whole complex circuit and also releases other parts of my Old Self.
A similar process is used when we create our NEW SELF.
co-host Rosemarie Heyer