Light Green iridescence coming from inside the tunnels, but depending on your angle of perspective when you look at the tunnels, the luminosity changes and the colors seem to vary from turquoise to dark.

Cezar steps to console in the Projection Room and a holographic projection of the beginning of the inside of the tunnel appears.  Seems very similar to the First Tunnel except that it starts descending within a few meters of the entrance.

A space distortion device “trumpet cone” is located a fair way down the smoothly descending tunnel.  In the First Tunnel, this device was near the entrance.

Right after the device, tunnel opens out into a cube shaped chamber about 8-9 meters on a side.

Suddenly the holographic projection in front of the console changed and a Human being appears in the  interior of the tunnel.

  • White skin
  • 8 m tall
  • with robe like a monk.
  • White beige color robe
  • w/ hood, down to the ground, but tapered at the hips.

Slowly raised right hand, palm outward chest height. Gesture of alliance

Fan-like wave and his image disappeared.

Cezar says his name is Drynn = Drian and is one of the Wise Men