Radu asks how it can happen that physical matter, like a digging machine, would be blocked. Cezar gives example of space capsule returning to earth. If the angle isn’t just right, then it could either burn up from the friction if the angle is too steep, or skip off into space if it’s too shallow.

It’s like skipping stones on a lake. Imagine if you wanted the stone not to skip, but to just glide along the surface until it came to a smooth stop. Image how precise that would have to be. Well that’s the kind of precision that’s needed.

Cezar says the rule is primarily the same for entering the inside of the earth.  At the poles where the magnetic filed lines are entering, is the best place to enter the inside of the earth.  And that you pass through stages, going first through the etheric and then progressively more subtle planes, all the way to the center.  And obviously you can go only as far as your level of consciousness is adapted to the journey.

Radu says he understands the Human body – physical covered by increasingly subtle bodies until causal but that planets are different.
Cezar says image is incorrect.  Subtle bodies don’t just extend outward but also in the other direction and the material body is impregnated with subtle bodies.
He says in the case of the planets, we start at the physical body (outside) and move towards the center where the causal body resides. The black hole at the center being causal in this case.

Cezar says that while they seem different, they are the same.  The highest spiritual frequency of the planet is in the spiritual center of the planet.   But that in fact the journey towards spiritual evolution of the human has always been from the outside towards the inside, to the spiritual core, not to the exterior.

They seem opposed, but in reality they are united, or the same.

Causal Body
The Causal body – originally Karana-Sarira – is a Yogic and Vedantic concept that was adopted and modified by Theosophy and from the latter made its way into the general New Age movement and contemporary western esotericism. It generally refers to the highest or innermost body that veils the atman or true soul.


A term used to designate that part of the human that survives from life to life in the reincarnating process.