The recent discussion by Quantum Leap Book Club of the book “The Secret Language of the Heart” by Barry Goldstein was focused on Chapter 2 titled “Activating Your Heart’s Intelligence with Music”.Barry demonstrates with his original musical creations that the intention he holds as he creates and performs is a bottom line to the outcome and benefit the listener gains. It is inspiring to hear the process he leads us through in his explorations. His first step is seeking answers for himself and then experiencing the benefits of allowing music to “play him”.He shares the fact that music can bring us more orderly heart rhythms and elevate us to more positive emotions. The world can be transformed through music and Barry is contributing to this outcome in a major way.

Dr. Joyce Mollenhauer, ND, BSN, RN, Nurse CoachI am privileged to be a co-host on a fun, interesting, and life changing radio show called Quantum Leap Book Club, a program of The Learning Center For Human Development. We focus on books that celebrate the incredible expansion and changes in Consciousness in our world.(