It seems almost against the grain to look for the value that occurs in tragic events. In the Gratidue Effect by Dr John Demartini discusses that within every experience there are things to be grateful for. He shares that by adopting this approach we can be free to find peace and happiness and move past tragic events more easily. In chapter 7 he gave nurmerous expampls of benefits that emerged from September 11 and other tragic world events. He goes as far as to say that all experiences have an equal opposite reality. He shared that by only focusing on one side of a person, we are in denial of aspects of self. Triggers of anger and frustration is often the result of avoidance of aspects of self. In the same way, if we idealise a person , we are also denying positive aspects of self. Both leading to an imbalance. In finding Gratitude, we are accepting the inherent opposite nature of all things.