Symbols allow an open communication. Symbols facilitate the observer’s interpretation and recognise the uniqueness not only of every person but of every moment. Symbols are expansive where words can narrow and limit the message.

Beyond culture, time, race, religion, gender, age… symbols are a common and timeless communication.

Spirit / Lifeforce moves in all of us. Made of matter, science shows, what ancient wisdom is have always known:

At the core all is energy.

All is vibration even in the stillness there is movement. Thus where is the boundary between the molecules of my physical body and the air, the ground, and the tree, and you?

It is information that keeps us vibrating as a seemingly separate being. In-Formation. Our cells re in a formation. That formation is held together by information. We change the inflation and we change ourselves. Through our art we are inviting the participant to experience new information and thus add to an aspect of self.

Imagine having glasses on that allow you to see every atom and molecule as a different colour depending on which one it is. As you look you see physically we are a soup for wonderful which soup exchanging electrons which is energy constantly.
This physical form is Earths gift to enable our spirit to fully experience all that is this Earth and the beings here.

You’re once again in a timeless place.

Here walks Goanna purposefully and uninfluenced by your presence, here where Kookaburra calls at midday heralding the rain while Sea Eagles spirals high over land and see. A distant call of whistling kite lifts you up while underwater every hole in the sandy mud is alive and wriggling with a worm, muscle, a yabby or countless other beings.

Everywhere is life and you are invited into the dance.

Every piece is unique every species of plant, animal, algae fungi are sewn together in the web we call ecology.

Ecos is the house.
Ology is the study of it.

Parisha Taylor shares with us that the best life to study when you’re in nature is that of your own.

And it is through the symbols that we recreate today’s story of connection with Runes. Using clay from the Earth as it is the nourishing heart that feeds new life. Upon the clay we have the symbols which carry their own messages to each of us through symbol.

Symbols are open and allow each person to tap into their own oneness directly connected to all things and from here to hear the inner message.