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Recently I experienced a day where I had to “overcome my body.”  I was in a situation where someone was quite agitated about something, and in a moment of lashing out, the person yelled something at me that was accusatory, blaming, and quite harsh.  I immediately mentally realized that I was being used as a scapegoat, but at the same moment I realized that a wave of emotion began flood over me.  This emotion that rose was of deep hurt and sadness. I also began to notice the thoughts that were beginning to show up in my mind.  There were thoughts of not being appreciated and valued, not worthy of anything.  I could feel myself beginning to spiral down.  I sat and breathed, but knew I needed to calm the situation, and then be able to remove myself from it.

In the book Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself – How to Lose Your Mind and Create a New One, the author, Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks to the fact that one of the things we need to overcome is the body.  I fully recognized that my subconscious programming had been triggered with the situation, circuits fired, chemicals were flowing, and some wired pattern of the past was now creating a feeling.  My body was taking over and I recognized that this was a memorized feeling. That it in turn was beginning to create thoughts, and I was beginning to feel the way I thought and think the way I was feeling.  This one must have been deeply buried as the feeling in my body felt like it was moving into a depression.  And while I recognized what was happening, I was struggling to shake it.

I decided I needed to do several things.  I had “be” with the emotion and watch the thoughts that seemed to be rising out of nowhere, and really love myself.  I had to go out in nature and focus on the beauty and the sounds, dig in the dirt, and just sit and breathe.  And on each breath, appreciate the fact that I was blessed to work with this, and it was ready to leave.  Then I sat in meditation, in the nothingness, for a while. I could feel it unwinding and my thoughts began to quiet.

I am truly grateful that I have learned to recognize when my past memorized emotions arise, and that there are tools and resources available to me that I can use to un-memorize these patterns.  These are available to you too. The book is just one, and you can find more if you are open and seek to become a greater YOU. Some can be found at Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network. Just go to

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