Navigating being human is certainly an interesting journey. We are the actors, writers and directors of our own scripts, whether we like it or not. Even when the script looks like it is written by rouge drop ins, there we are still acting out some unconscious although seemingly well-rehearsed play. Different players come and go, and yet the all too familiar thoughts and feelings get stirred within us. Why did that person cut you off in traffic, how can you manager act that way, how can someone talk to you that way. When we look deeply enough, what we will notice is the common denominator in all those experiences is ourselves. Taking a little time to journal or practice mindfulness, we will see that it is in fact our own thoughts we are hurt by. I am not worthy, I don’t know enough, I am powerless. This can be disguised by thoughts like “I am so angry they spoke to me that way” and when you search a little deeper in the self – what fuels this anger is the thought ” I am not valued or seen” and digging even deeper may be ” I am not worthy” . Getting to the route course of the disturbance puts the responsibility and power back with the us. We can change the thoughts. They are our thoughts and they don’t belong to anyone else. That person who spoke to you that way didn’t cause the thoughts. They simply triggered that particular thought to emerge. They can only trigger what is already there. So in that case we could thank them for the reflection and for bringing into your awareness what needs to be looked at and resolved. So where did that original thought come from…” I am not worthy” ? Old experiences, mis-interpretations of why mum or dad wasn’t affectionate to you when you were young. Why your siblings spoke to you in mean ways and no one stopped it. Where you called names or hit by emotionally unregulated people in positions of authority? There are numerous reasons for this interpretation through a child’s eyes. The problem is that behind the eyes of the adult self is still this little wounded child. The confusion here is that when you are looking at your current situation, the thoughts and emotions look true. Your boss really shouldn’t have spoken to you that way …that person shouldn’t of cut you off in traffic. What isn’t true is that they have that much power over how you feel. Only you can filter all experiences and information through your senses and brain to come up with the current, in the now narrative.

Here is it – the path to freedom – Look deep within at what is triggered. Name it. Claim it. Change it.

We are reading Fred Alan Wolfs – Feeling into Matter – Join us for an interesting spin on how he navigates this journey of the spirit picking up a body and navigating the world of the sense.

Marianne Love