As we complete this book Matter into Feelings, Fred Allen Wolf  begins this chapter with  a summary of what the Hebrew glyphs mean and their relationship with each other. What is important to understand is  that the letters with the yod tav endings which are bayt, hhayt, and tayt all deal with existence and resistance. Resistance he says is vital to life, without it nothing can come into existence. The seed like actions of this letters all occur in the imaginal realm but when we multiply them by 10 they become materially present.  When Tayt manifest as Tsaddle it becomes the whole universe of matter and mind.

He further takes us into a deeper and more spiritual exploration of this letter , Tsaddle.  Here he explains that this letter represents a fundamental cell structure. Now if you take a moment to think about this it really opens the mind to many doorways of seeing our universe and our reality. Each of this letters as Grandmother Parisha  has shown us is not just a letter but a glyph and  here he explains that this glyph is where God created the universe out of love. I think it is so ingenious and amazing that he ends the book with this discussion because he really begins to tie in the science of Quantum physics with the very deep understanding of spirituality particularly the Qabala.

He goes on to explain that we all seek love and partnership and that this is the main driving  force in our lives as well as the universe. The main point that he says he has tried to convey throughout this whole book in presenting us with all the science and quantum physics of how things work  is and I quote what he said, ” That what is real has love at its heart; the universe is constructed from love and that love is very much tied to our power of attention and imagination. ”  When I read that I just got chills all over.  Take a moment to think about the depth of this statement. It is one of the statements that is worth while to just sit with for a period of time and contemplate.

We create the suffering in our lives by seeing a problem one way and failing to see it the opposite way. The other side of the problem is recognizing that if any one of us is suffering we are all suffering. This is definitely reinforcing the principle that we are all interconnected as he has demonstrated to us in previous chapters.

He gives us an exercise to do when we are suffering. He says to become what you hate for a moment. In doing this we can accept others defects as our own and relieve our own suffering. Imagine if we all could do this how different our lives would be,  how different our world would be. We all have two motives in life to seek joy and avoid pain. He says religions came about as a means to accomplish this and predicts that the new alchemy will become one because it appeals to what we are intuitively are as  seeking as truth.  If we identify with our soul as he told us in the previous chapter we all become free. We become as he says , ” the liberator of all sentient beings.”  When we begin to apply these concepts that he has so magically given to us in this book, our lives and that of those around us could truly be transformed and truly the world we live in and choose to create !

Maria Jacques