Today is a new moon. Many indigenous cultures have used the cycles of nature to live their lives by. They plant their crops, harvest their food and start new projects all within the phases of the moon. These cycles are an opportunity for us to reflect and seize this window to start a new cycle. As I sat and reflected about this today what came to me was the journey that we are currently on in reading this new book , The Holographic Universe. This book  challenges  us to begin a new cycle of thinking. A new paradigm of what we believe the Universe to be .  This is a cycle that allows us to set a new intention and do things differently. So I encourage you  to take it on for yourself and use the energy to help propel you in a new way of thinking of our Universe and our role within it.

I was raised very traditional to think in a certain way and believe certain things about reality and how life and the world functioned.  Somehow deep in my core I always felt that there was something more out there , something more than  what I was told was real ,was not. That led me to exploring , searching and reading and going to teachers that showed me a different path. This book takes us into a journey that we begin to see the interconnectedness of everything and that reality is not exactly as we may think it is. This may be really mind blowing for many people as it was for me . When I began to work with these concepts and understand what they were saying I felt like my world was turned upside down. There was confusion, bewilderment and at the same time excitement. All these emotions and thoughts were all jumbled up in my head like a soup of all kind of ingredients that did not seem to make sense. However as I trusted and stayed with the process and my studies things have begun to make absolute sense . The ingredients in the soup and why they are there is starting to make sense . I am beginning to see how amazing this soup of our world really is and how much wonderment and beauty is at our finger tips. How there is much more to the Universe that I was ever taught and yet right there in front of my eyes all the time.

New Cycle . New way of thinking.

Maria Jacques