Need to Overcome Meditation resistance ?

Like any new things, the body mind is going to give you all sorts of reasons why you cant get into the practice of meditation. Thoughts likes – it wont work for me – I don’t have time – I close my eyes and my thoughts get louder – I cant do it – …..

The bodies reaction can be relentless. You close your eyes and hear every sound around you that you never heard before, a little spot on your nose starts to itch,

The victory is to notice and become the observer and still sit through it –

how tos

  1. location
  2. music
  3. shut out light
  4. focus on breath
  5. induction process

We having the experience as a body is a miracle –

ability to think and create is a power

People wanting to dance  – and when they are through – lots of relief – music – through music that we can connect through the Vegas and 10th cranial nerve – mind and heart at the same time – singing – and letting go –

opening experiencing through the heart through music and dance – getting out of the head.

Yoga, music and dance –

Earth balancing dance –

send the energy out and bring it back in – allowing thoughts to become motion with your hands – got to experience that and it juxtaposes you into the universe at such speed.

GMP 2 or 3 hours – position self as the instrument – download and heal for other people – 5 hours –

I am hear and available – I have long present times in doing what has to.

movement and walking meditation is an altered state of mind –