We continue to delve into the practices that this wonderful book is giving us and in this section of the book, Joe Dispenza begins to outline the road map of how to begin to meditate by giving us a step by step outline. It is important to follow these important points:

  • Prepare your environment.  Make sure where you meditate is comfortable.
  • Prevent distractions.  Make sure if you live with others , they know what you are doing.
  • Time of day. It is important to try and do at the same time everyday to establish that new neuronet.
  • Establish how long to meditate. If you begin the practices by following his guided mediations this is preset.
  • Prepare the mind. The goal is to master the ego and the busy mind chatter and enter into those brain waves that allow us to enter the subconscious to rewire the old habits.
  • Master the body.  There will most likely be all the ways in the beginning that the body tries to distract from the goal of entering into the “nothingness” because it has not been wired to do this, so this is obviously a foreign concept for the body and will try and give you all kinds of indications such as an itchy nose, a twitch, back pain, etc. to move your focus back to the body. Be patient. Be consistent.

All of these points are important but in doing these practices what has become critical for me is to JUST SHOW UP. When i began it was about how do I fit this into my schedule etc.etc. I went through all the resistances I am sure we all go through but I had made a commitment to myself to begin working with these practices because I was tired of being the old self. so I just showed up.  Some days were better than others . But I can promise you that by just showing up things will begin to change.

Today I feel totally different about my meditation. It has now become a practice that if I miss a day I feel off. I now look forward to my time in meditation because I have come to understand and see how through this practice it gives me accessibility to the quantum field that is available to all of us and it is really amazing what we can do.

Its not always perfect. JUST SHOW UP.

Maria Jacques