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Having a great day?  Having a bad week?  Everything seems to be going your way, or everything just keeps going wrong?  Do you point the finger at everything outside of you? Have you ever considered looking at yourself first and what you are broadcasting out to the world?

In the book The Holograph Universe, Michael Talbot, we explore our interconnectedness with the quantum field and all that exists; and how we interact with the quantum field with our thoughts and feelings.  We are incredibly powerful, in that we create our day, unconsciously or consciously, with what we think and how we feel.  All matter, including us, exists in a vast web of connection.  When we approach the day with excitement and loving the possibilities, many times good things begin to manifest.  When we approach the day with sadness, depression, anger and negative feelings, what we perceive a negative or bad things seem to show up.  But when we look at what we perceive as negative as a lesson, something to learn from and help us grow, we begin to change that negative to a positive.

Science is proving that we have more to do with what we experience in our day than we ever considered before.  We even seem to have miracles happen, but at the root of it is how we think and how we feel.  It just seem that we should really look at ourselves, decide what we want or what we want to change, and make the choice to feel the excitement of having it and take actions to manifest it.  Why wait?  Start now!

Hope me and my co-hosts on Quantum Leap Book Club on Law of Attraction Radio Network to explore these ideas.

Co-Host – Tryna Cooper