Zecharia Sitchin, researcher, author, lecturer and biblical scholar was a modest, warm, intellectual man with a serious passion for ancient civilizations, which included the ideas of ancient extraterrestrials coming to Earth.  He asked the question, “What if the stories of the ancient texts, from the Bible and texts from Mesopotamia, Sumer, Egypt, Greece and others were actually historic events, not myths?”  In searching for the answers to this question, his research and his scholarly pursuits led him to write 14 nonfiction volumes, narratives on the origins of our solar system, humanity and civilization, including facts and proofs that support his theories.  In sharing his research and works, he has given us much to consider.

Janet Sitchin is his niece.  Blessed with the unique experience of growing up with Zecharia’s work, she later became his assistant.  She has now compiled and edited a summary of his works, both published and unpublished, in the book, The Annunaki Chronicles. In doing this she hopes it will “become a valuable resource”, “piques your interest”, and if you believe Zecharia was on to something that you “continue to read and explore these topics.”

The Annunaki Chronicles shares with us a discussion of the origins of our solar system, the planets, and a conversation about the Annunaki (“Those Who from Heaven to Earth Came”), and their presence on Earth and contributions to the origins of humanity.  It shares with us information about “The 12th Planet”, Nibiru, the home planet of the Annunaki, and its relationship to Earth and the other planets in the solar system.  It also shares biblical accounts of visitors from space, the creation of “Adam”, and the importance of the Great Pyramids of Giza and Mt. Sinai.

The Annunaki Chronicles gives me a greater perspective, ideas and possible answers to questions I have pondered over time.  In keeping my mind open, it weaves together the narratives of ancient writings and tablets, and in considering them as facts and accountings of ancient history, it presents new ideas and possibilities of the past and the future.  Read it with openness and curiosity. And see what questions come up, what questions are answered, and where it takes you.