The focus of the QLBC show October 19 was on chapter 2 of the book “The Holographic Universe” by MIchael Talbot. This chapter, “The Cosmos as a Hologram”  includes an interesting report about David Bohm, a protege of Einstein’s and a quantum physicist. 

David Bohm had a strong interest in the interconnectedness between apparently unrelated events and the effect of an observer being part of the equation. At the time, it was not a focus for other physicists. Bohm met with Einstein regularly for 6 months to explore the interconnectedness involved in an observer changing a subatomic particle to existing as matter.  

Their discussions led to Bohm writing a book Quantum Theory that was “hailed as a classic”. However, Bohm was still searching a better way to describe reality and did not view his literary effort with enthusiasm. 

The concept of the role of an observer being necessary for a subatomic particle to transform matter is today a fundamental truth in quantum physics. It is the key to manifestation in our personal lives. Once we identify and observe exact details of a desire or a goal and put clear focused attention and positive emotions to it, we can gain the experience we desire. 

This chapter helps us be informed about the early views of the Observer Effect.

Joyce Mollenhauer  Cohost  of Quantum Leap Book Club