“Have you had some big challenges that you have NOT been grateful for?”By Dr. J. Martini, in his book “The Gratitude Effect

The Gratitude Effect is not just to feel thankful for great events happening in your Life or wishes fulfilled.  The Gratitude Effect helps you to see your life challenges from a higher ground and find the divine order in all of it.
Often, we feel blockages and are stucked in our Life. This can be caused by emotional baggage we carry around; the author writes.

Dr. Demartini offers a simple and very effective method to overcome these blockages.

It starts by applying “quality questions”, Dr. Demartini states. They ask you to find the positive in the negativity.

The emotional baggage of a break up
Let’s say you have ended a relationship and you live your Life in guilt and resentment about the break up. It blocks your ability to enjoy life fully and to be open to a new and loving relationship. The “Demartini Method” offers to ask yourself what have been the benefits of the break up and what are you grateful for in regards the break up.

First, we have the tendency not to see any benefits. We are drowned and addicted to our emotional reactions like victimization, guilt, grief, etc. The author encourages us to keep looking as no event in your Life is just one sided.  What are the benefits for all involved you, the partner even families, friends and more?

If we keep looking, we might find that the partner was not the right person anyway and after the breakup we were able to focus in the new free time on our personal development, a new hobby, we wanted to pursue since a while, or on focusing on our elder parents or friends.We also might find benefits for our partner who finally could move to another town, which he/she always wanted.  These are a few examples of the benefits.

The more we dive into this the more we start feeling a deep gratitude and even love for what happened. We are grateful for divine order at work, as we can now see the bigger picture.  Our gratefulness and love are expanding. We finally dissolve the emotional baggage we carried with  that relationship.

By finding benefits in our Life’s challenges, we can transcend our past experiences. We become deeply grateful for the orchestration of a Higher Power at work. Not only are we grateful for a seemingly negative event. We have raised our consciousness and experienced the Divine Orde in our Life.

This is the result of using the Gratitude Effect with the “Demartini Method”.

By Rosemarie Heyer, co-host
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