Barry Goldstein, in his book “ The Secret Language of the Heart” invites us to find a centred and relaxed state amidst the hecticness and stressors of life. He guides us in a process of centering and relaxing by using the breath and internal focus. Through using the breath and listening to our heart, we can connect to our inner wisdom and heart guidance.

Heart Song Breathing Process

Intention : You are about to touch something very sacred.

It can help you gain more clarity in decisions.Allow yourself to feel the blessing of being alive.

Breath 1 – Earth

  1. Feet shoulder width apart
  2. Place hands on heart
  3. Inhale and visualise your breath going in through the bottom of your feet, up your legs, through your hips, abdomen, lower and mid back, all the way to your heart.
  4. Let the breath go with a powerful sign and visualise it going out through your heart.
  5. Visualise your feet planted and united with mother earth, feel safe and supported.

Breath 2 – Sky

  1. Extend your arms above your head and spread them into a V shape.
  2. Imagine yourself at the top of a beautiful mountain surrounded by an expansive unlimited star filled sky.
  3. Breath in and visual the breath coming in through the top of your head, brain, face, neck, shoulders, upper back, chest
  4. Release the breath through the heart with a powerful sigh

( surrender what are can not control and accept guidance and help)

Breath 3 ( balances masculine and feminine energy )

  1. Inhale with your hands on your heart
  2. Visualise the breath coming in through the heart and OUT through the heart.
  3. Release it with a powerful sigh.

(The sigh is a sound catalyst to release the energy .)


After several breaths, place your hand on your heart and breath gently. Hear and feel your heart beat . Listen to your breath. Let your inner music sing to you. Allow yourself to simple be.

Marianne Love