We have certainly read some exciting and interesting books about the last few years on Quantum Leap Book Club. In some ways the books seems worlds apart. Even recently, we deep dove into the realm of quantum physics, with the basic concept that nothing exists outside our observation of it. Our last book, A Path through the jungle, landed us slap bang, back in the middle of our own thinking and feeling patterns and navigating the mind, brain and body experience. The true nature of matter may pale into insignificance while we navigate day to day life, survival, relationships, attachments, meeting demands and managing negative thinking and feelings. It is with intention that we have studied the book ends of this exploration. Getting in charge of the vehicle ( body/brain) that we are utilising to have our earthly experience is fundamental to observing and creating the life of our dreams. As Dr Lanza discussed in his Biocentrism book, it is the observer that impacts the outcome of the experiments. If we are able to observe all good things in life, then that is what we will feel and experience. On the other hand, if the internal chimp, and gremlins are in charge of how we perceive existence, that is what we will experience and manifest. Just like any piece of equipment, it is important to know the mechanics of it and keep on servicing it until it runs at optimal performance.
Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha always shares that health, wealth, and happiness are our birthright. It is liberating and exciting to know that there are tools to assist us on the path to freedom.
Marianne Love