In this week’s chapter in The Quantum Leap Book Club, we continue through The Gratitude Effect by Dr. John Demartini. This one is a favorite because it’s on business. And, of course, to be good at running a business, or being in a business, you need to realize that there is nobody you can blame for anything. If you are the business owner, or the director, or even responsible for your own area, there’s only you that being said, there are ways to make business as fantastic as you can.

Now, one thing to do is to feel grateful. Now, to feel grateful, doesn’t mean you have to love your job and know that it’s your desired type of job. It means whatever job you are doing, find something within it that you can appreciate. Even if it’s just saying; Well, I’m grateful that I’ve got the opportunity to earn the money so that I can do whatever life’s necessities and or pleasures are.

Check in that you’re doing that, you can write it to yourself, or you can make a moment each day or each week that you actually go and say that you appreciate it to someone that you work for or your work with.
Might be a client, it might be a supplier, it might be a colleague, might be an employer, might be an employee. See if you can bring in daily that you verbalize or in some other way show appreciation or gratitude for that person.
A quick note on the words appreciation and gratefulness, in recalling the first time Grandmother Pa’Ris’Ha asked us if we knew the difference between the words ‘thankyou’ and ‘I appreciation’ and the teaching that to appreciate means to grow. As one who sees energy it’s always insightful to hear GMPs perspective as she SEEs what happens when, to appreciate it means to grow and emanates that.  Thankyou is a bit of a full-stop word. So chose your words. Indeed, when we appreciate something we’re saying we want more of it. There’s also being grateful because we can be grateful for the things that we may not want more of, we can be grateful for the lesson that we learn to have something.

Being a mother of two grown young people 18 and 21, and remembering my own time. I recall that there’s certainly a part of life when it’s like going to a restaurant and not being sure what to order. But if they had a smorgasbord, and you knew you could go and have a little bit of everything. That’s a great way to start. Some youth know exactly what they’d like to do. Others benefit from the smorgasbord. The smorgasbord of the job world can be quite diverse. So this is a place where wherever you found yourself working, that is exchanging time for experience and income. Great to recognize that the income is not only money, but also what are the lessons? What do you know you did well that day? What would you like to have done differently? Indeed, this concept of asking oneself what they did well, and what they would do differently is for anyone in a work at any time. Again, it helps to have Gratitude.

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Geraldene Dalby-Ball

Elaway De’Ye’NgLi’ta