Related to page 90, Episode April 14, 2021 Book INSIDE THE INNER EARTH

Our science is hindering our evolution.

Dr Xien points out that most of our contemporary scientists are stuck to what they know and do not want to go into the unknown. They dislike mysteries and challenges. This leads to stagnation; it hinders our evolution.

Society and science have an unspoken agreement

Their agreement is not to question and disturb the materialistic frame of thinking. Society at large in our educational systems, in the media does only accept and spread their understanding of a materialistic view of the world around them. Contrary to the discoveries of quantum physics, 100 years ago!

All phenomena “are placed” in the physical plane

While our science believes that all phenomena, things, events, physical laws are caused insidet the physical plane of existence, Dr. Xien states: It is a subtle, superior dimension of existence that causes or “places” all what is appearing in the physical world.

Go Vertical!

In order to have access to the cause of the phenomena in our physical plane, you have to rise vertically.. Go Vertical when you cannot find the answers inside our so called materialistic physical world. Go vertical when you cannot find answers for your challenges inside our dimensions: reach to the Unknown, the Imaginable realm, the Mystics, God, the Ether, the Vacuum, the Nothingness, the Unified Field, the ONE THAT IS IN ALL THINGS. It is this superior plane of existence, which causes all that exists in our world.