In Chapter #7 Dr Despenza continues to talk about side effect of breaking the bonds of your emotional addiction and how this release of energy is like a healthy shot of some wonderful elixir not only are you energized but we feel something we likely haven’t felt in quite a while    JOY

When you liberate the body from the chains of an emotional dependency we will feel uplifted and inspired. We also have to tell the truth about yourself, We all have to come clean and reveal what we’ve been hiding in that shadow part of the gap. We have to drag those things out into the bright light of day and when we really see what we’ve been doing to ourselves we can look at that mess and say. “This is no longer serving my best interests, This is no longer serving me, This has never been loving to myself, Then we can make a decision and be free.

One person who reaped the rewards of facing a life with the courage of a quantum observer is Pamela a participant in one of Joe’s seminars. Her and her husbands negative emotions interwoven made it impossible for them to change. But when she became aware she was able to resolve it through her meditation.

recognizing that the gap exists then meditating on the negative emotional state that has produced it,  then being prepared to look closely at our self and assess our propensities with tender honesty we will forever be my mired in some past event and the negative emotion it produced.

See it. Understand it. Release it. Create with energy available to you by taking the mind out of body and releasing it into the field. Closing The Gap – We Now Have The Raw Material We Can Use To Create A New Life.

I say bless it be !