BrainWave Activity:

Brain Waves Did you know that we are producing some level of all the brainwaves from Beta to Delta at all times. How much voltage or power is going through these brain patterns gives us our experience. While we are sleeping the dail turns down on beta and ramps up on Theta and Delta. And vice versa, during wakeful states we are engaging with our environment, the amps or charge going through Beta becomes higher. Think of amps like raving a motor  – how much you put your foot down equates to the power going through. The brain wave patterns or more like the gears of a car. Each serving great function and purpose. The key is to be able to consciously put more power through brain wave patterns of our choice for a conscious outcome. After the age of 25, when the brain has done most of its development, brain wave patterns can become habitual. To turn the tide on these patterns would require observation, fine tuning and new actions and behaviours. This is like servicing a car, when it comes back from the mechanic all nicely fine tuned, we may need to learn to drive it with more balance and not over rev that throttle! In this analogy, we are both the mechanic and the driver. Many people turn to Neurofeedback to assist in the transition to more balanced brain activity with great result. Meditation and mindfulness practice if fundamental to the process of coming off automatic pilot, and like the monks, train our brain to become some of the happiest people on the planet.


Marianne Love